A Walk in My Neighborhood

Hi. So it’s been a few or eight months. I may reveal the extremely mysterious reasons for that or I may not. for now I’m just going to pretend nothing happened and start this party off with a boring little story about my neighborhood.

Anyway, a few days ago we had a teeny tiny windstorm. It knocked out power to 200,000 (including us), and closed schools, stores, gas stations, and MY PHARMACY. Thank gah I saw the writing on the wall and got there before the shit hit the fan. The next day, the kids and I took a little walk around the neighborhood, with my trusty ole’ DSLR because my iphone was dead, dead, dead. The following pics are just from a three block radius around our house.



There were a ton more photos of fallen trees and mayhem, but it was getting dark, and I still haven’t learned to properly use my 3 year-old DSLR. We still don’t have electricity, and the kids still don’t have school, but we have a fireplace to burn Henry’s bundle of fagots and the million dollar wood we got at the store. The kids are playing Legos and reading and darning socks by the fire. Two of those things are true.