Is This Thing Even On?

Other than the big windstorm we had back in November, It’s been, like, 10 months or so since I fingered my keyboard. Instead of going on and on about all the shit we’ve been through with the State Department since then, let’s pretend like it never happened and just move on, m’kay? That’s not to say we don’t still despise the State Department or anything, but we’ve agreed to take the medium road here.

So! What are we up to these days? Mitch is bringing home the bacon and building schools and trying to recover from State. Oops. Well then. Low road. We bought a 100 year-old house in a sweet-ass neighborhood. Well, I guess only half of it is 100. The other half is only a few years old and there’s a bonus TV/Band/Art room above the garage. Separate from the house, you guys. Jealous, much?  We have a lot of work to do on the house, because that’s how we roll, but recovering from State has taken longer than we thought it would. Whoops! Low, low road.

Jackie is happily digging USC and frat life. He’s got a great internship lined up and his grades are, well, he hates it when I brag, so let’s just say its 6.0 2.0.

Henry has a group of friends and they play music and generally act just like a 15 year-old Mitch did, minus the skanks hanging around. Give him time.

Olivia is obsessed with engineering and Grace is into show choir. They have lots of friends and are happy to not have to move again.

We have adopted a kitten. He’s an asshole.

As for me, my health is complicated. This involves eliminating alcohol and coffee and sugar from my diet. You guys, I am saving SO MUCH MONEY. I am stable, though, and will start a job as an office lady in a few weeks.

We are all beyond thrilled to not be under Uncle Sam’s asshole thumb anymore.  Even though he keeps finding ways to make us suffer. He can suck my big hairy ballsack. Whoops! Low, low, low, low road. Oh well!

I like being able to write what I want! I might keep doing it.



3 thoughts on “Is This Thing Even On?

  1. I’m so happy to have stumbled back upon your blogging, thanks to a mutual friend. Pulling Stakes was always one of my favorites from the “FS Roundup”. Glad to see you’ve still got your acerbic wit and biting sarcasm about you. 🙂

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